DJ Kentaro is a japanese turntablist, famous for winning the DMC battle for world supremacy in 2002 with an almost full score ("out of the 16 judges on the panel, 15 picked Kentaro as champ and the difference in points between him and second place was a double score, a feat very rarely achieved in the close cut world of turntablism"1).

His first full-leight album was out on April the 23rd 2007 by Ninja Tune and it is titled "Enter".

"Enter" Tracklisting:

01 Enter Newground

02 Keep On

03 Free

04 Tasogare Highway High (Bass Wanna Be A Singer)

05 Rainy Day

06 Uminnaka

07 Handmade Gift

08 Space Jungle

09 Nursery Room

10 Harvest Dance

11 Trust

12 One Hand Blizzard

13 Brightin’ Star

14 Let It Go

15 Hatsuyume

16 Grateful To You

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