DJ Techniques

Ion are a minor equipment manufacturer most known for their entry-level equipment often sold in packages.



The iTT02a turntable is an entry-level belt drive turntable with 20% pitch range, and an S-shaped tone arm.


The iTT USB turntable is a belt drive turntable with adjustable pitch, primarily designed for recording vinyl onto digital mediums. It features an inbuilt digital converter that can send its audio out on USB 1.1 for connection into PC/Mac. This is useful for DJs wishing to move their record collection for use on CD decks or DJ Software.



The iMX02 is a 2-channel entry-level mixer with 2-band EQ, line/phono inputs, and an apparently replaceable crossfader.

Other Devices[]

iCDR-04 Duplicator[]

The iCDR-04 is a small device for copying various CD discs on its dual drives, and it can also be attached to a computer via USB2 to act as an external cd drive. It is not a playback device but is intended for DJ use in creating download CDs/demo CDs. Very similar to the Numark CD2CD.