Korg are an electronic musical instrument manufacturer most known by DJs for their flagship effects unit the Kaoss Pad and its successive units.

Effects unitsEdit

Kaoss PadEdit

The Kaoss Pad was released in 1999 and is an innovative effects units where control is not by parameter knobs but by the touch-sensitive pad.

Kaoss Pad 2Edit

The Kaoss Pad 2 was released in 2004 and built upon the success of the Kaoss Pad with 100 effects programs.

Kaoss Pad 3Edit

The Kaoss Pad 3 was released in 2006 and further built upon the Kaoss Pad architecture with 128 effects, sampling with SD card support, and the ability to sync to a MIDI clock.

Kaoss Mixer (KM-2)Edit

The Kaoss Mixer (KM-2) was released in 2001 and built an early version of the Kaoss Pad 2 into a DJ mixer. With 80 effects programs, a built in sampler, and a Dry/Wet knob for gradually adding effects, it combines several types of devices into a single powerful unit.

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