TTM, or Turntablist Transcription Methodology, is a notation system for scratching and turntablism designed by John Carluccio (a Brooklyn-based artist best known for the Battlesounds documentary film on turntablism), by Ethan Imboden, and by Raymond Pirtle. It is intended to be an intuitive graphical representation of the movement of a record whilst performing with a turntable, and was originally documented in a booklet form for distribution.

TTM is an official policy on this wiki; notated scratches and other turntablist tricks are notated in this manner. You can find all the TTM files in the TTM files category, but here are some quick links:

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Symbols usedEdit

Symbol Meaning
Control codes
TT Turntable
T Turntable
L Line in
P Pitch control
H EQ High / Treble
M EQ Mid
B EQ Bass / Lows
Sound symbols
Kick Kick
Snare Snare
Hihat Hihat
Horn Horn
Uniquesound Unique sound
Structure marks
Repeat Repeat marks at start/end of section. Number above first mark tells the number of times to repeat
Infinity Used above repeat marks; means repeat forever
Continuation Used to denote a patten to be repeated, especially in beat juggling
Cresc Crescendo (volume levels written at either end)
Decresc Decrescendo / Diminuendo (volume levels written at either end)
Performance marks
Click Click (fader close)
Openfader Open fader symbol
Crab Crabbing symbol
Start Start the turntable
Stop Stop the turntable
Powerdown Do the 'power down' effect; a brakeless stop
Laser A laser
Phaser A phaser
Hydroplane A hydroplane

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