Technics are an audio and dj equipment manufacturer, most noted for their production of the SL-1200 turntable back in 1978 which remains a standard to this day.

Turntables[edit | edit source]

SL-1200[edit | edit source]

The SL-1200 turntable has been a DJ 'standard' since its introduction in 1978.

Full Article: SL-1200

CD decks[edit | edit source]

SLDZ-1200[edit | edit source]

The only CD deck by Technics, it attempts to recreate the same feel as their SL-1200 turntable for CD.

Mixers[edit | edit source]

SHEX-1200[edit | edit source]

The SHEX-1200 is a minimal 2 channel mixer with long life faders and bass/treble -26dB cuts. It is the official mixer for the DMC World Championships.

SHMZ-1200[edit | edit source]

The SHMZ-1200 is a four channel mixer designed for use with two turntables and two CD decks. It features long life faders, three-band EQ, an FX loop, fader start for the SLDZ-1200, and 2 digital in / 1 digital out.

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