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Not very impressed on the Content! Edit

Hi there
I think that if a page and others that have NOTHING to on HOWto about Dj Techniques will be marked as SPAM from now on....
sorry I have seen too many that create such sites only to spam and make it about them and not about what is to be show on HOW to Dj

I will go thru and what is a great article will be marked as such (even added too)

I been djing for well over 30+ years and have learnt a lot more than you think that is out there

so it also will not be about ME!!! as you have made some pages on some Dj's and lables its all about Dj Tecniques and thats what it should be on

sorry but these days if people can not be 100% true to what they believe then get out of Djing and dont do it at all

or do what is there show people and give them the TIPS and show them HOW to Dj correctly [/soapbox]

thank you

have a nice day

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